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In brief

Claremont is a Management and IT consultancy company with the leading idea of identifying possibilities of improvement, and thereafter actually make the possibilities happen.

With more than 200 experienced consultants within Project management, Process design, Quality assurance, ERP, SAP Netweaver, System architecture, Java and .NET, we offer our customers services reaching from fully commitment projects to single experts with unique competence.

Your possibilities. We make them happen.

With an average annual growth of 50% the past years, we combine entrepreneurship and quickness with the power of a larger company. Everything according to our philosophy; When a person grows the company grows with that person.

Our offer

We really love change. Why? Because with knowledge and the right competence, you can turn all kinds of change into a positive, powerful force, to be used by our customers. Our target group is therefore all companies going through some kind of transformation or change.

Our offer is grouped in these main areas:

  • Business ERP
  • Go Mobile
  • Enterprise Development
  • Quality Management
  • Go Agile


In order to be able to offer the best quality, we are proud to present our partners:


Contact information

Management & Sales

Peter Lundström, CEO Claremont AB, +46 70 940 95 00

Per Thörnqvist, Sales manager, +46 70 770 40 45

Anna Salomon-Sörensen, CFO, +46 70 990 60 97

Thomas Lindahl, CEO Claremont Business solutions AB, +46 70 951 77 00

Mikael Jonsson, CEO Claremont Architecture and Development AB, +46 70 886 54 23

Anders Söderman, CEO Claremont Digital Business AB, +46 70 003 96 60

Carl-Johan Nordh, CEO Claremont Quality Management, +46 707 81 89 80

Andreas Åkerblad, CEO Claremont Enterprise Development AB, +46 70 260 99 77

Pelle Johansson, CEO Claremont Business Transformation AB, +46 73 088 22 24

Frida Arlegård,  Recruitment Manager, +46 72 540 05 22


Claremont AB
Birger Jarlsgatan 7
111 45 Stockholm, Sweden
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Tel +46 8  406 68 00